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Creating an eco-friendly nursery, from paint to fabrics

Creating an eco-friendly nursery, from paint to fabricsWhen interior designer Jenny Dina Kirschner was designing a bedroom for her first baby, she wanted to create the healthiest possible space — for her baby and for the environment.

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  • How to fight malaria by changing the environment
    Modifying the environment by using everything from shovels and plows to plant-derived pesticides may be as important as mosquito nets and vaccinations in the fight against malaria, according to a computerized analysis by MIT researchers.
  • 3 Questions: Phillip Sharp calls for 'New Biology' push
    Last week, a panel co-chaired by MIT Institute Professor Phillip Sharp called for the United States to launch a new biology initiative to accelerate breakthroughs that could solve some of society's most pressing problems. The National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Energy asked the committee that wrote the report — which included MIT Professor Douglas Lauffenburger — to look at how best to build upon recent scientific developments such as the Human Genome Project. The resulting report is called "A New Biology for the 21st Century: Ensuring the United States Leads the Coming Biology Revolution." In this interview, Sharp explains his vision for the initiative, which has a proposed timeline of 10 years.Q: What societal challenges do you think the new biology initiative...
  • 20 Years Later: Lessons from Exxon Valdez Teach Us That Better Technology, More Production Reduces Chances of Spills
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: March 24, 2009 Laura Henderson (202) 621-2951 20 Years Later: Lessons from Exxon Valdez Teach Us That Better Technology, More Production Reduces Chances of Spills WASHINGTON – Twenty years to the day after an oil tanker bound for Long Beach, Calif. struck Bligh Reef and simultaneously spawned the modern-day environmental movement, the Institute for Energy [...]
  • 3 Questions: Sergey Paltsev on the costs of climate-change legislation
    Sergey Paltsev, a principal research scientist in MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, was the lead author of a recent report that analyzed the costs of climate legislation currently being debated in Congress. The analysis looked at the costs associated with the Waxman-Markey bill that was passed in June, and found the bill’s cap-and-trade provisions would have an average annual cost per U.S. household of $400. The study did not provide a comparison of what costs would be for a “no policy” case — in other words, the costs that would result from unmitigated climate change, or from other sources such as air or water pollution that might be associated with unregulated burning of fossil fuels.Q: Have there been any changes proposed since...
  • Slideshow: A Terrascope spring break
    A group of 58 MIT students, alumni and staff recently returned from a five-day trip to Abu Dhabi to study the practical application of technology for renewable energy solutions.The trip was part of Terrascope, a yearlong program for first-year students that begins each fall with a mission to solve an “unsolvable” or very complex problem. The students spend the fall semester designing a viable solution and then travel during spring break to a location related to the complex problem where they experience the reality of the solutions they have proposed.This year’s mission is the global problem of rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. During the fall, the class explored ways to reduce global output, as well as methods for carbon capture and sequestration. They developed...
  • Tidal power makes a splash
    THE search for sustainable energy has never been stronger as climate change concerns drive government, scientists, business and environmentalists around the world in a headlong charge for affordable new technologies.

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