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1. Utility-scale Solar Installations Can Avoid Using Farmland, Study Says
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
... solar energy arrays on alternative sites like buildings, lakes, and contaminated land would allow California to meet its 2025 electricity demands without sacrificing farmland. ...
2. NREL Develops Novel Method to Produce Renewable Acrylonitrile
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
... which can be biologically produced from sugars. This hybrid biological-catalytic process offers an alternative to the conventional petrochemical production method and achieves unprecedented acrylonitrile ...
3. Oil and gas wells as a strong source of greenhouse gases
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
The pictures went around the world. In April 2010, huge amounts of methane gas escaped from a well below the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico. This "blow-out" caused an explosion, ...
While cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells offer clear advantages over the electric vehicles that are growing in popularity (including their longer range, their lower overall environmental impact, and the ...
5. Dispersants Improved Air Quality for Responders at Deepwater Horizon
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
A study published Aug. 28, 2017, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesadds a new dimension to the controversial decision to inject large amounts of chemical dispersants immediately ...
6. Recipe for Safer Batteries — Just Add Diamonds
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
While lithium-ion batteries, widely used in mobile devices from cell phones to laptops, have one of the longest lifespans of commercial batteries today, they also have been behind a number of recent meltdowns ...
7. Researchers identify cheaper, greener biofuels processing catalyst
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Fuels that are produced from nonpetroleum-based biological sources may become greener and more affordable, thanks to research performed at the University of Illinois’ Prairie Research Institutethat ...
8. Researchers Report Breakthrough in Magnesium Batteries
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Magnesium batteries offer promise for safely powering modern life – unlike traditional lithium ion batteries, they are not flammable or subject to exploding – but their ability to store energy ...
9. The World Eyes Yet Another Unconventional Source of Fossil Fuels
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
In May of this year, China claimed a breakthrough in tapping an obscure fossil fuel resource: Researchers there managed to suck a steady flow of methane gas out of frozen mud on the seafloor. That same ...
Potentially explosive methane gas leaking from energy wells may travel extensively through groundwater and pose a safety risk, according to a new study by University of Guelph researchers.
11. Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Graphene-oxide membranes have attracted considerable attention as promising candidates for new filtration technologies. Now the much sought-after development of making membranes capable of sieving ...
12. Bio-inspired energy storage: a new light for solar power
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Inspired by an American fern, researchers have developed a groundbreaking prototype that could be the answer to the storage challenge still holding solar back as a total energy solution.The new type of ...
13. From grass to grassoline
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Researchers at Ghent University have developed a process that turns grass into fuel.Scientists at the Centre for Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET), Ghent University have developed a way to turn grass ...
14. Energy Storage Solutions will help tackle Climate Change
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
The UK is placing energy storage at the heart of its new Modern Industrial Strategy, due to its potential to support smart energy systems and the automotive sector. As the energy industry moves away from ...
15. Flow battery based on PNNL chemistry commissioned
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Officials are celebrating the installation of the world's largest containerized vanadium flow battery storage system by capacity, which uses electrolyte chemistry developed at the Department ...
16. The Economic Case for Wind and Solar Energy in Africa
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
To meet skyrocketing demand for electricity, African countries may have to triple their energy output by 2030. While hydropower and fossil fuel power plants are favored approaches in some quarters, a new ...
17. Family-sized Solar Car to Race in World Solar Challenge
(Feed Articles / Alternative Energy News Top Stories)
Battery Technology | Electric Cars | Solar Power | Transportation Solar Team Great Britain has started a kickstarter page to help fund their design for entry in the 2017 World Solar Challenge. Founder ...
18. Is This The Beginning Of The End For U.S. Nuclear Power?
(Feed Articles / NewsVine - Alternative Energy Feed)
Energy companies are shutting down their nuclear power plants and resorting to other forms of production. This is primarily due to the lack of funding and cheaper alternatives such as oil. With shale production ...
19. Republicans Split Over Renewing Alternative-Energy Tax Breaks
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
House and Senate Republican leaders are at odds over whether to renew expiring alternative-energy tax breaks during Congress’s lame-duck session after the Nov. 8 election.  ...
20. New biochar model scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
New Cornell University research suggests an economically viable model to scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to thwart global warming.The researchers propose using a “bioenergy-biochar system” ...
Global populations of vertebrates -- mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish -- have declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012, states a new report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Animals ...
22. On College Campuses, Signs of Progress on Renewable Energy
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
U.S. colleges and universities are increasingly deploying solar arrays and other forms of renewable energy. Yet most institutions have a long way to go if they are to meet their goal of being carbon neutral ...
23. Better water splitting advances renewable energy conversion
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Washington State University researchers have found a way to more efficiently create hydrogen from water – an important key in making renewable energy production and storage viable.The researchers, ...
24. From Ancient Fossils to Future Cars
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Researchers at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering have developed an inexpensive, energy-efficient way to create silicon-based anodes for lithium-ion batteries ...
25. Non-metal catalyst splits hydrogen molecule
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Hydrogen (H2) is an extremely simple molecule and yet a valuable raw material which as a result of the development of sophisticated catalysts is becoming more and more important. In industry and commerce, ...
A new design for solar cells that uses inexpensive, commonly available materials could rival and even outperform conventional cells made of silicon.Writing in the Oct. 21 edition of Science, researchers ...
27. Charting A Path for Sustainable Jet Fuels
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
A new report by the White House’s National Science and Technology Council called the Federal Alternative Jet Fuels Research and Development Strategy outlines the federal government’s plans to lower the ...
28. Silicon-air battery achieves running time of over 1,000 hours for the first time
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Silicon-air batteries are viewed as a promising and cost-effective alternative to current energy storage technology. However, they have thus far only achieved relatively short running times. Jülich ...
29. Genetically improving sorghum for production of biofuel
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
The bioenergy crop sorghum holds great promise as a raw material for making environmentally friendly fuels and chemicals that offer alternatives to petroleum-based products. Sorghum can potentially yield ...
Researchers are investigating a new material that might help in nuclear fuel recycling and waste reduction by capturing certain gases released during reprocessing. Conventional technologies to remove these ...
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