Universal Mathematics and Quantum Aether Energy


Marko Rodin Magnetic CoilMarko Rodin of Hawaii has spent the last several decades formalizing a set of mathematical principals that he calls "Vortex Based Mathematics", which he claims provides an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of our universe. Marko has taken the logic a step further by applying the mathematics to a thyroidal shaped coil that (consistently in testing) creates a unique energy signature at the coils center. The phenomena is explained as essentially being a man-made vortex, or black hole, or in some way a channel that is drawing aether energy into the magnetic field of the Rodin Coil.

The mathematics behind Marko's unique coil are rooted in his discovery of numeric patterns that create an infinitely repeating sequence of base numbers. What is incredible about his discovery is the range of applications presented. Aside from the obviously incredible potential of having a simple magnetic coil that pulls infinite amounts of energy from space, the simple mathematics that Marko has presented provides an everyday practical value.

1 = 1
2 = 2
4 = 4
8 = 8
7 = 16
5 = 32
1 = 64
2 = 128
4 = 256
8 = 512
7 = 1,024
5 = 2,048

Marko Rodin Numeric SequenceOne of the most basic examples of the application presented by Marko is depicted in the following sequence of numbers. What we have is a common exponential sequence where every iteration doubles the value of the previous. The core of Marko's discovery is a numeric sequence of the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, and 5, which we can see represented alongside each of the exponential iterations. Marko explains how this sequence can be used to represent and calculate large values by understanding their relationship to this base system. In fact, he explains that this sequence is not entirely new, but something that was extracted from his research of many ancient texts over the course of his lifetime. One last point worth mentioning is that the sequence also includes the numbers 3 and 6 which act as doubling values for the primary iteration, and the numbers 0 and 9 which act as one balanced value for the equation.

Because we have yet to determine the best approach for explaining these materials, we will not explain Marko's findings any further. Over the next several months, the Energy Research Project will collect and summarize the discoveries made by Marko Rodin into a set of materials that we hope will assist in the distribution of his incredible discovery. For now, we urge you to perform your own research by reviewing some of the materials found at the following websites.