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Clean Energy Research Project

The Energy Research Project is a Grassroots Energy Campaign organized to collect and review materials on the topics of clean environmental energy, renewable energy production, zero point and harmonic energy sciences, and the organizations that are working to improve our worlds energy crisis. Our website is a tribute to the hard work and dedication put forth by generations of scientists and inventors from all schools of thought. We hope to in time become a reliable non-biased source for green energy research and community activism initiatives. The Energy Research Project is an organization funded by people like you, and benefits from the time and research provided by the community.

To learn more about the work being provided by renewable energy organizations around the world, please view our upcoming section on Energy Organizations. Our upcoming energy donations program will aim to provide a single source for your donation efforts that will distribute the financial support across a range of organizations that we identify to be providing considerable contributions to the field of renewable and clean energy research and production. We will be launching our donation initiative by the end of October 2008, and will accept your recommendations for organizations to review as late as October 15th, 2008.

If you know of an organization that is providing research or development in the fields of advanced energy physics and renewable energy systems, please complete our upcoming Energy Research Organization submission form. Thank you for visiting our website. 

The Energy Research Project Manifesto

The Energy Research Project is operating under several assumption that we believe to be factual assertions. These assertions are the basis and reason for the development of this website, and the fuel that enables the ongoing research and growth to continue. Our assertions are as follows.

  1. We are Facing a Calculable Evolutionary Phase Shift
    As a Race, we (mankind) have reached a period in our evolution that demands a collectively conscious review of the facts of our evolution, and an assessment on the focus of our society. We believe that mankind is currently operating in a perspective that prevents a collective focus on progressing the best interests of our race as a whole, but that the events of the last millennia have shown an interest and capability to do so. We believe that as individuals, the needs and requirements for enlightenment are sufficiently present. We acknowledge the growing complexity of our environment that is applying pressure to actively direct mankind toward a critical phase in our evolution. At a point of critical mass, we believe mankind will be forced to acknowledge or deny an innevitable shift in our global perspective. We believe that regardless of the decision, mankind will not be forsaken, rather will be responsible for setting a precedence that will dictate how our race will evolve over future cycles of evolution.
  2. Our Global Geo-Political System is Depressing Progress
    We believe the current state of our geo-political infrastructure is overdue for a radical overhaul, and that it operates in such a way as to debilitate the progression of globally embraced humanitarian initiatives. We believe there is no value in targeting individual groups as particular sources of suppression, however acknowledge that inherent flaws exist within the system as a result of the the materially focused monetary system in which the world currently operates. We value societal structure, our need for individual self discipline, and assert that positive action is the gross product in a society that unilatterally supports the growth of each individual member. We recognize that in our current phase of evolution, we as individuals have unique thresholds for tolerance, perspectives on responsibility, and moral codes that differ greatly. We believe this to be the most important reason for stating clear objectives as a society that will set precedence for the growth of a collective set of societal ethics.
  3. We Must Focus on Globalization, or Accept Increasingly Destructive Volleys for Power
    We believe that now is the time for mankind to embrace a new perspective of collective success. The root of this paradigm shift is acknowledgement of our cognitive appreciation for the concept of "ME" and "I". Our obsession as a race, particularly since the birth of what is now the "Western Philosophy", has grown to become one of a narcissistic nature that isolates our focus on the fear of loss. We have focused of our minds in an impudent state, on that leaves us powerless as individuals to create change in our lives. This mental state leads to the over-compensation by our egos in an attempt to provide some foundation for confident operation in our daily lives. This is the result of our inherently flawed social structure, which at one point in our evolution was a necessary step forward, but at this point has become a hindrance to our progress as a race.
  4. That Our Technology Plays a Critical Role in Our Ability to Globally Evolve
    We recognize that technology has exceeded our capacity for reason, leaving mankind in a vulnerable position to perform overwhelming destruction due to our limited scope of cognitive ability. We believe that there exists an abundance of technological advancements that are not publicly embraced as a result of our personal ignorance, our indifference as people, and the inherent flaws in our geo-political system. We believe technology to be a critical proponents for the change and advancement of the future of mankind. We believe that now is the time to focus on the exploration of globally beneficial technologies, and that the integration of humanitarian based resources and technologies will accelerate our progress and empower us to move beyond our individual fears. We believe this process us already underway, being expressed by in society through initiatives such as ours, and will inevitably progress so long as the inherent flaws of our system do not destroy the opportunity.

These positions are the basis for the research conducted on our website. We recognize that as individuals, we are easily overwhelmed when reasonable opportunities for action are not presented. Rather than ask you to embrace a global situation without the opportunity for action, we are focusing on the education and evolution of your understanding of the technologies that we have the potential to embrace.

Your Involvement is Simple, and Fun

Take time to periodically review the materials we collect. Once informed on the topics presented, make time to educate us on your thoughts and your potential for contribution. Envision how your talents may benefit groups like ours, and then share this information with your friends and colleagues.

Our group intends to be a conduit for OUR growth, and that includes YOU. This website provides one of many foundations for the expression and storage of materials pertaining to energy technologies. We aim to provide a reliable stage for the research and publication of conclusive data, collected from publicly available resources, paired with action oriented initiative opportunities.

Scientific contributions are being provided by those individuals capable and motivated to do so. As history has shown, our indifference as individuals for change is often debilitates the integration of progressive technologies into our culture. Make it a point in your life to acknowledge and nurture the growth of your community. Embrace the concept that your success is directly linked to the success of your fellow man. Embracing this realization will empower you to take action in ways that you may have never before considered.

Thank you for Your Attention,

The Energy Research Project
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