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1. Tax Credit May Make Carbon Capture Economic
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
The Internal Revenue Service recently issued guidance to help developers take advantage of tax credits for carbon capture and sequestration… The post Tax Credit May Make Carbon Capture Economic ...
2. Microsoft Buys Madagascar Carbon Credits
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
Technology giant Microsoft has bought the first carbon credits generated under a rainforest conservation project in Madagascar, reports Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which organized and backed the ...
3. Summary Box: China wants talks ON EU carbon charge (AP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AP - AIRING CONCERNS: China urged the European Union to heed objections to EU plans to charge airlines for carbon emissions. Airlines flying to or from Europe must obtain certificates for the carbon dioxide ...
4. New Zealand adjusts its CO2 trading program to address market distortions
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
... is considering banning offsets from the potent greenhouse gas hydrofluorocarbon-23 (HFC-23) and nitrous oxide credits. "The high value for destroying these ...
5. New Zealand adjusts its CO2 trading program to address market distortions
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
... offsets from the potent greenhouse gas hydrofluorocarbon-23 (HFC-23) and nitrous oxide credits. "The high value for destroying these gases creates perverse incentives in developing ...
6. So, How Much Would That Mandate Really Cost You?
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
... various forms of either an RES or a CES would affect prices and carbon emissions.   The final ruling: Carbon emissions would go down and prices would indeed go up. That, however, is certainly ...
8. EU to ban China, India carbon credits trade (AFP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AFP - Europe is to ban a highly lucrative trade in polluting rights obtained by European-based companies under a UN scheme to favour environmentally-friendly industrial investment in the likes of China ...
9. GE Keeps Investing in Cleantech, But Warns of Policy Lapse
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
While some companies that support renewable energy simply buy Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets to call themselves "green," other companies are actually making tangible investments in the sector. ...
The Development Bank of the Philippines and Tricorona Carbon Asset Management Pte Ltd. have signed an agreement for the sale of certified emission reduction credits generated by three mini hydropower plants ...
11. Zero Baggage Eliminates the Need for Checked Luggage
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
... used but clean and well-maintained, new or one-use only. Weight saved by eliminating checked luggage can be converted into carbon credits which can be spent on various treats. ...
12. Tokyo launches Asia's first carbon trade scheme (AFP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AFP - The city of Tokyo on Thursday launched Asia's first scheme to trade carbon credits, aiming to lead Japan in the battle against greenhouse gas emissions blamed for climate change.  ...
13. Farmers Hurt By Collapse Of Carbon Credits Market
(Feed Articles / NPR - Environment News)
With the cap-and-trade legislation aimed at curbing global warming stalled in Congress, there's an almost-complete collapse of the market for carbon credits. That means profits are drying up for people ...
14. Greening Deserts for Carbon Credits
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
Poor farming practices have degraded the world's soils causing them to release carbon that should have stayed in the soil. In the past 150 years soils have released twice as much carbon as fuel burning. ...
15. MIT’s big wheel in Copenhagen
(Feed Articles / MIT - Energy Research News)
... carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, temperature, humidity and noise, and a GPS that can track position. There are a variety of bicycles on the market now that can provide an electrical boost, but Ratti says ...
16. One Week to Go for Next Carbon Markets Seminar
(Feed Articles / REW - Green Power News)
Next week's upcoming "Introduction to Carbon Trading and Finance" is especially timely considering Congressional debate this fall on cap and trade. Taught by carbon market expert, Peter Fusaro, this half ...
17. India civic company combats waste with clean fuel pellets
(Feed Articles / CleanTech - Energy News Feed)
Ahmedabad Municipal plans to use new Rs 50 crore waste conversion project to obtain carbon credits. ...
18. Getting Your Slice of the Cap-and-Trade Pie
(Feed Articles / ENN - Energy Research News)
Now a new website called My Emissions Exchange promises to bring the carbon market to your front yard. If you can drastically reduce the electricity you use in your home, the site will certify your personal ...
19. Mexico: 'Green fund' better than carbon credits (AP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AP - Mexican President Felipe Calderon made a push Monday for his proposal for a $10 billion "green fund" as a more efficient way to fight climate change than carbon credits. ...
20. Study finds potential profits in conservation (AP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AP - Selling credits for the billions of tons of carbon that are locked in Indonesia's tropical rain forests could be as profitable as converting these areas into palm oil plantations, a study released ...
21. Even 'Green' Trade Not Immune To Economic Woes
(Feed Articles / NPR - Environment News)
With the world in recession, many factories are producing less — and emitting less carbon dioxide pollution. This means the carbon trade market — where companies buy and sell the right to ...
22. Indonesia should drop forest carbon credit plan: Greenpeace (AFP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AFP - Environmental group Greenpeace called on Indonesia Wednesday to drop plans to tackle global climate change with credits for preserving forests, saying the measure could destroy carbon markets.  ...
23. Forest credits would crash carbon markets: Greenpeace (AFP)
(Feed Articles / Yahoo - Environment News)
AFP - Including forest protection measures in carbon markets would cause carbon prices to crash, and could undo efforts to rein in global warming, according to a Greenpeace report released Monday.  ...
24. Delhi Metro continues green push with solar
(Feed Articles / CleanTech - Energy News Feed)
New Delhi has the first railway system in the world to qualify for UN carbon credits thanks to its regenerative braking system. ...
25. Indian firms drop carbon trading plans in favor of renewable projects
(Feed Articles / CleanTech - Energy News Feed)
The economic slowdown has reduced the price of carbon credits by 50 percent. ...
Introduction to Carbon Markets seminar is being offered as a preconference seminar before the start of the Wall Street Green Trading Summit in New York. In association with the Environmental Markets Association, ...
27. Forestry Grabbing International Attention in Carbon Markets
(Feed Articles / REW - Green Power News)
... forests and habitat create new venues for carbon credit generation. ...
28. Delhi Metro earns carbon credits for regenerative braking system
(Feed Articles / CleanTech - Energy News Feed)
Generators harness energy during braking to reduce overall electricity consumption by 30 percent.
29. Sofame mixes equipment making with carbon trading
(Feed Articles / CleanTech - Energy News Feed)
Montreal-based firm pursues carbon credits for customers of its heat-recovery equipment. ...
30. Coffee, Tea Or Carbon Credits?
(Feed Articles / NPR - Environment News)
... It's the first domestic airline to sell carbon-offset credits in-flight. Passengers concerned about their carbon footprint on a cross-country flight can buy the credits from their seatback screens. Virgin ...
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