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... carbon dioxide concentrations.  SEE ALSO: The Green New Deal: Historians weigh in on the immense scale required to pull it off"If we were to hold other environmental factors completely constant, some ...
Author Paul Greenberg says the harvesting of tiny fish for omega-3 supplements is having a ripple effect, leading to less healthy and bountiful oceans. His new book is The Omega Principle.
3. Plastic in the Oceans Increasing Risk of Disease in Coral Reefs
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More than 11 billion pieces of plastic are lodged within coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a new study published in the journal Science, as this plastic gets tangled, ...
4. A climate science milestone on Colorado's Continental Divide
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On January 16, 1968, in a bracing chill at 11,568 feet above sea level, a Colorado researcher collected an air sample at Niwot Ridge, on the doorstep of the Indian Peaks mountain range. The sample was ...
Using the power of Japan’s K computer, scientists from the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science and collaborators have shown that incorporating satellite data at frequent intervals—ten ...
6. Northern corn leaf blight genes identified in new study
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Midwestern corn growers know the symptoms of northern corn leaf blight all too well: greenish-gray lesions on the leaves that can add up to major yield losses if not detected and treated early. Resistance ...
7. Robots aid better understanding of phytoplankton blooms
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Phytoplankton blooms are one of the most important factors contributing to the efficiency of the carbon pump in the North Atlantic Ocean. To better understand this phenomenon, the ERC remOcean1 project, ...
8. Citizen scientists discover five tightly packed exoplanets
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Five new planets have been discovered outside our solar system, all orbiting a sun-like star located within the constellation Aquarius, nearly 620 light years from Earth. The alien worlds are considered ...
9. Making driverless farm equipment even smarter
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Driverless farm equipment is becoming more and more attractive to today’s farmers as they battle short growing seasons and rising fuel and equipment costs.Dr. Mehran Mehrandezh has his eye on improving ...
10. Surprising Discovery Could Lead to Better Batteries
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
A collaboration led by scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory has observed an unexpected phenomenon in lithium-ion batteries—the most common type ...
11. Tropical Cyclone Joyce Makes Landfall on Australia's Pilbara Coast
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
NOAA's JPSS-1 satellite provided a visible image of the tropical storm after it made landfall along the Pilbara Coast in the northwestern part of Western Australia.
12. New Study From the University of Halle: How Climate Change Alters Plant Growth
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Global warming affects more than just plant biodiversity - it even alters the way plants grow. A team of researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) joined forces with the Leibniz Institute ...
13. How Far to the Nearest City? Global Map of Travel Time to Cities Published
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
While people live within one hour of a city in over 90% of cases in high-income countries - concentrated in Europe and North America - for low-income countries concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa, the figure ...
14. Surprise: A Virus-Like Protein Is Important for Cognition and Memory
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
A protein involved in cognition and storing long-term memories looks and acts like a protein from viruses. The protein, called Arc, has properties similar to those that viruses use for infecting host cells, ...
The Great Lakes will have a network of well-equipped guardians thanks to a plan hatched by a UWindsor researcher with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario’s Ministry of Research, ...
Solving the world’s food, feed and bioenergy challenges requires integration of multiple approaches and diverse skills. Andrea Eveland, Ph.D., assistant member at the Donald Danforth Plant Science ...
A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine calls for an international, multi-institutional comprehensive campaign of research, observation, and analysis activities ...
18. NASA Finds Heavy Rain in New Tropical Cyclone Hilda
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
As Tropical Cyclone Hilda was coming together in the Southern Indian Ocean the GPM satellite analyzed its rainfall from space. On December 26, 2017 at 3:06 a.m. EST (0806 UTC) the Global Precipitation ...
19. A New Strategy for Efficient Hydrogen Production
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
A joint research team, affiliated with UNIST has introduced the Hybrid-Solid Electrolysis Cell (Hybrid-SOEC) system with highest reported electrochemical performance in hydrogen production. The proposed ...
20. Utility-scale Solar Installations Can Avoid Using Farmland, Study Says
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Across the U.S., the energy and agricultural industries are battling it out over whether to place solar panels or crops on large stretches of flat, sunny land. Now, a new study finds that developing ...
21. Drinking coffee may lower risk of early death from colorectal cancer
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
People with colorectal cancer (CRC) who drank at least four cups of coffee per day after their diagnosis had a significantly lower risk of early death—from either their cancer ...
22. New technique allows rapid screening for new types of solar cells
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
The worldwide quest by researchers to find better, more efficient materials for tomorrow’s solar panels is usually slow and painstaking. Researchers typically must produce lab samples — which ...
23. Origins of photosynthesis in plants dated to 1.25 billion years ago
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
The world’s oldest algae fossils are a billion years old, according to a new analysis by earth scientists at McGill University. Based on this finding, the researchers also estimate that the basis ...
24. Can computers help us synthesize new materials?
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
Last month, three MIT materials scientists and their colleagues published a paper describing a new artificial-intelligence system that can pore through scientific papers and extract “recipes” ...
25. Study opens window on meltwater from icebergs
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
Surface water conditions in Greenland’s fjords and in the northern Atlantic Ocean are dictated by what’s going on deep below the surface next to the massive Greenland Ice Sheet, UO-led research ...
 In the next century, wind resources may decrease in many regions of the Northern Hemisphere and could sharply increase in some hotspot regions down south, according to a study by University of Colorado ...
27. Volcanic simulation teaches Earth Sciences students crisis management skills
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
Imagine a scenario where a volcano is about to erupt and you are responsible for deciding what to do next. Who should be alerted and who needs to be evacuated? Where and when might lava start flowing? ...
28. New catalyst meets challenge of cleaning exhaust from modern engines
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
As cars become more fuel-efficient, less heat is wasted in the exhaust, which makes it harder to clean up the pollutants that are emitted. But researchers have recently created a catalyst capable of reducing ...
29. Extending Food Safety Training to Other Countries Could Save Lives
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
Food safety practices that Americans take for granted — washing hands with soap, refrigeration, and not cutting raw meat and vegetables on the same surface without disinfection — are not widely ...
30. Cinnamon turns up the heat on fat cells
(Feed Articles / ENN - Top Environmental Stories)
New research from the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute has determined how a common holiday spice—cinnamon—might be enlisted in the fight against obesity.Scientists had previously ...
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