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1. For New York, Coal Is Out and Renewables Are In
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
The last coal-fired power plant in New York is closing and its power will be replaced by renewable energy—wind and… The post For New York, Coal Is Out and Renewables Are In appeared first on IER. ...
2. Worldwide Renewable Capacity Expected to Increase 50 Percent in 5 Years
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its Renewables 2019 report, global renewable capacity is expected to increase by… The post Worldwide Renewable Capacity Expected to Increase ...
3. Fossil-Fuel Divestment: A Shell Game
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
Under the banner STOP FOSSIL FUELS. BUILD 100% RENEWABLES, the group 350.org last month announced “a new fossil free milestone:… The post Fossil-Fuel Divestment: A Shell Game appeared first on IER. ...
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) just released its Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) 2019, which shows renewables garnering an increasing share… The post EIA: Renewables Will Grow, But Not ...
5. From the Editor
(Feed Articles / REW - Green Power News)
Even as the price of oil tumbles, renewables are making progress all over the world.   ...
While France has set ambitious targets to increase the share of renewables in its total energy consumption, Australia has taken a contrasting approach by repealing its 2011 Clean Energy Act, which established ...
7. German Renewables Output Tops Lignite
(Feed Articles / REW - Green Power News)
Renewables became Germany’s most important power source for the first time this year, according to Agora Energiewende. ...
8. The New Normal? Renewables, Efficiency, And “Too Much Electricity”
(Feed Articles / REW - Hydrogen Fuel Cell News )
Just over a decade ago, the state of California faced serious concerns about whether its utilities could generate and/or buy enough power to assure that the world’s seventh-largest economy could keep the ...
9. Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables
(Feed Articles / REW - Hydrogen Fuel Cell News )
Does nuclear energy deserve a seat at the table alongside renewable energy technologies in weaning us off of fossil fuels and transitioning into a cleaner energy world? A new report published yesterday ...
10. Another Renewables-Limiting Tax Reform Proposal Launches Into Statis
(Feed Articles / REW - Hydrogen Fuel Cell News )
This week House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced his version of draft legislation to simplify the U.S. tax code, dubbed the "Tax Reform Act of 2014," which has some decidedly ...
11. SEC Clarifies Crowdsourcing Rules, What's the Impact on Renewables?
(Feed Articles / REW - Hydrogen Fuel Cell News )
The SEC has finally proposed its rules to allow crowd-funding under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. What do they mean for small-scale investments in renewable energy companies and proj
12. Steady but Modest Progress Found on Renewables Adoption
(Feed Articles / REW - Hydrogen Fuel Cell News )
The world has made “steady but modest progress” in improving global access to electricity and safe cooking fuels, increasing energy efficiency and adding renewable sources to the world’s energy mix, said ...
13. Renewables to Beat Fossil Fuels With $3.7 Trillion Solar Boom
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
Renewable energy will draw almost two-thirds of the spending on new power plants over the next 25 years, dwarfing spending on fossil fuels, as plunging costs make solar the first choice for consumers and ...
RWE AG, the German utility whose coal-fired plants make it Europe’s largest carbon emitter, officially started the company’s largest renewables project on Thursday: a wind farm in Liverpool Bay off Britain’s ...
15. EU Raises Concern That UK, France Won't Meet Renewables Goal
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
The European Commission raised concern that the U.K. and France may not meet their 2020 renewable energy targets, saying the two countries should examine whether they’re doing enough to reach the goals. ...
16. Nordic Renewables Boom Set to Exceed Wind Energy Target
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
Sweden and Norway will probably exceed a joint target for renewable energy production by the end of the decade, industry consultant Nena AS said.
Investors have spent more than $2 trillion on clean-energy plants in the past decade and last year added more renewable capacity than ever before.
18. Renewables Cannot Even Fill the Void of Retiring Nuclear Plants
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
According to BP’s 2018 edition of its Statistical Review of World Energy, renewable energy has not been able to fill... The post Renewables Cannot Even Fill the Void of Retiring Nuclear Plants appeared ...
Portugal’s renewable electricity production (mostly from hydropower and wind energy) exceeded monthly consumption in March. The average renewable generation for... The post Renewables Generated 103 Percent ...
20. Krugman Misleads on Renewables
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
From his perch at the NYT, economist Paul Krugman has launched another attack on people with different political views. In... The post Krugman Misleads on Renewables appeared first on IER.  ...
21. From the Editor
(Feed Articles / REW - Green Power News)
Even as the price of oil tumbles, renewables are making progress all over the world.   ...
22. California Lawmakers Seek 100 Percent Renewables by 2045
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
California SB 584 would require 100 percent of all electricity sold in California at retail to be generated by eligible renewable energy resources by December 31, 2045. 
Renewable energy dominated new U.S. electrical generation put into service during 2016, according to the latest issue of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) monthly "Energy Infrastructure ...
24. Sorry, Massachusetts, but “100 Percent Renewables” is a Myth
(Feed Articles / Institute for Energy Research)
Massachusetts State Representatives have filed a bill (HD. 3357) that would commit Massachusetts to obtain 100 percent of its energy from... The post Sorry, Massachusetts, but “100 Percent Renewables” ...
Hillary wants to put 500,000,000 solar panels in place during her presidency meanwhile Trump wants to get rid of the Clean Power Plan because he believes that climate change isn’t a threat and regulations ...
26. Renewables have the economic advantage over fossil fuels
(Feed Articles / ENN - Environmental Science and Technology)
A new energy market analysis shows the average cost of electricity from renewables is already lower than from fossil fuels, writes Alex Kirby. And as renewables eat deeper into the 'market share' ...
27. Renewables Trump Fossil Fuels
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
Let me get this out right up front: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump and I won’t be voting for him. Over the past year, I’ve been both captivated and repulsed by the Republican presidential candidate’s bullying ...
28. Clinton v. Trump: Where Will Energy Go Next?
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
... renewables.  ...
29. US Navy to Tap Australian Biofuel Hub
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
The U.S. accepted Australia’s offer to supply biofuel for its Asia-Pacific fleet, advancing the Navy’s goal of getting half its power from renewables by 2020.  ...
30. Renewable Power Future Needs Facilitative Power Grid
(Feed Articles / REW - Bioenergy News)
Can America’s power grid accommodate a more dominant role for renewables in the energy mix? As the grid stands today, the answer is no. Our society is putting increasing demands on electric infrastructure ...
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